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– This article was published on Real Wire (March 2015)

Changescope, the bespoke coaching, mentoring and training company, has released a free whitepaper to help HR and L&D professionals facilitate and develop an agile workforce. Entitled “Releasing Potential: Developing agile teams and leaders”,

According to a recent report, 83 percent of companies are seriously worried about their leadership pipelines and yet only 8 percent have strong programmes to build leadership skills.[1] The Changescope whitepaper examines how organisations can bridge the gap between training and practice and what strategies can be put in place to develop agile teams and great leaders.

Eddie Kilkelly, Managing Director at Changescope, comments, “Most management professionals have had some project or change management training and know what a good leader or an agile team should look like. While some people may still require further training, many project and programme managers do not need more of the same. They know all the theory – the difficulty is in putting this theory into practice.”

Kilkelly adds, “If HR departments were to take just 10 percent of their training budget this year and run a coaching and mentoring pilot instead for middle management they will be better placed to make significant strides in shaping their workforce for the needs of today and tomorrow.”

The Changescope portfolio of support includes project health checks, team assessment, coaching or mentoring, apprenticeship schemes, interim project management support, facilitation of workshops and software support. Video clips on Building a High Performing Team, Soft Skills Matter, and Emotional Intelligence are also available on the Changescope website.

[1] Predictions for 2015: Redesigning the Organisation for A Rapidly Changing World. Bersin by Deloitte.

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