Changescope Launches Change Academy

Changescope launches Change Academy a new range of bespoke coaching, training and mentoring services to meet organisational needs

…Closing the gap between learning, implementing and delivering results…

Changescope, the bespoke coaching, mentoring and training company, today announced a new range of development programmes called the Changescope Change Academy which will help meet the demands of today’s businesses as they prepare for the economic upturn.  This new style of support aims to displace traditional training courses.

The Changescope Change Academy will deliver a range of skills improvement through a combination of bespoke training, coaching and mentoring schemes. The framework is structured to operate at a number of levels including Project Sponsors, Project Leaders, Project Managers and Project Associates.  Academy members will also be encouraged to continue their development through a self-sustaining community of professionals. This continuous development plan intends to help close the gap between learning, implementing new skills and delivering tangible results.

Eddie Kilkelly, Managing Director at Changescope, explains, “Research suggests that over $6.2Trillion is lost every year as a result of failed projects even though considerable resources are set aside for training each year.  There has been a shift in mind set within organisations as HR directors and C-level executives realise that expenditure on training courses does not always lead to improved performance.  This is where our programme truly delivers on that expectation.  Our Change Academy is structured to concentrate on the skills, beliefs and attitudes required to bring about individual and organisational improvements. Our announcement today actively steers away from generic training courses although we will underpin our programme with the basics.  Participants will gain practical advice, insight and knowledge from highly experienced personal coaches and mentors.”

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