Intelligence in Leading Change

Successful Change Management Requires Emotional Intelligence, Not Just Process

The need to re-evaluate the accepted approach to change management is evident from available data. In many organisations, change management is rooted in established project and portfolio management methodologies.  In 2012, The APM Group – the global accreditation, certification and examination body – estimated that there are more than 600,000 fully accredited PRINCE2® Practitioners worldwide and nearly a million people have qualified at PRINCE2® Foundation level.  A further 600,000 people are accredited as Project Management Professionals by the Project Management Institute and thousands more hold other project management qualifications and accreditations.  The pool of qualified project management professionals has never been so well-populated and demand for project management training remains strong, but the cost of project failures continues to be unacceptably high.

Our white paper examines the challenges in managing and implementing organisational change and explains why traditional approaches do not fully meet today’s business needs.  It reveals the real skills and attributes that are needed by chief executives, change leaders, project sponsors, project and portfolio directors and project managers in order to avoid potentially costly and disruptive failure and outlines a new definition of change management.

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