Registered Project Professional (RPP) 2017 Results

We’re delighted to have achieved 100% success with this year’s submission of Registered Project Professional (RPP) candidates.  It takes real effort and dedication to achieve the RPP accolade involving around 25-50 hours of personal effort (depending upon your personal approach to drafting) together with the ability to evidence seven years of successful project delivery in a complex change environment.

Added to this we are convinced that setting a challenging deadline, combined with working together in a cohort and following a tried and trusted formula has a direct impact on the likelihood of a successful outcome.  APM has now published its Chartered Project Professional Standard (ChPP) and those people who have already completed their RPP accreditation will be among the first to become Chartered.

Congratulations again to everyone who has gained their RPP portfolios with Insynergi so far this year.  While you may not see a marching band, champagne celebration, personal email from the CEO or immediate pay rise this is an achievement not to be taken lightly and should be highly valued. With only just over 1,000 RPPs in the world this remains the best way for serious project professionals to differentiate themselves and provides a step closer to the hallowed status of Chartered Project Professional Status which is coming soon.

Eddie Kilkelly

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