Syngenta Adopts Programme Management Standard

The APM Group has released an amazing case study about a company called Syngenta (coincidentally a similar name to insynergi) who has recently adopted Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). Syngenta is an exciting business that specialises in sustainable plant and crop growth and ensuring that, with an estimated 80 Million extra mouths to feed each year, the world won’t go hungry. An amazing goal!

With a turnover of around $14 Billion each year, Syngenta spend around $1.25 Billion on project related activity and hence had a need to ensure that this vast amount of money was being spent effectively. Their programmes are truly complex spanning different continents and climates.

Having looked at other approaches to programme management, Syngenta found that the MSP model was both clear and complete. As a result Syngenta has made great progress in implementing the model and bringing the business across the world on board. In addition, they are centrally providing coaching and support to their programme managers as they adopt this new approach. This is a critical success factor.

Other amazing facts in the case study are:

  • We lose a soccer field of farmland every second (due to soil erosion).
  • In 1960, a hectare would feed two people, by 2030, it will need to feed five.
  • Stocks of major crops have fallen for the third year in a row while demand increases by 1.4% per year.
  • Growing food for one person takes about 2,000 litres of water each day.
  • While almost a billion people in the world are under-nourished, another billion are overweight.
  • We need to produce more food in the next 50 years than we did in the last 10,000.

A truly fascinating business and well worth reading the full case study, click this link to view.

It was great to be involved in this project. I had a great time getting to know the people, the business and the challenges they are facing. Truly one of those occasions when you can say that this is making a difference to our lives.

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