APM Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)
Readiness Self-Assessment

About This Assessment

This assessment has been designed to help you determine whether your current knowledge, experience and skills are sufficiently ready to meet the requirements of the Association for Project Management’s Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard (2023).

Our ChPP Mentors will review your answers and provide guidance on whether you appear to be ready to apply for ChPP now or whether you might benefit from some further development first.  This professional recommendation is solely based on the answers you provide and is used primarily to assess your suitability for the support programmes provided by changescope.

This questionnaire should take no more than twenty minutes to complete and you should answer the questions as completely and accurately as you can. Most of the questions are mandatory in order to allow us to fully assess your suitability.  You will not need anything other than your knowledge of your own experiences to complete this questionnaire although you may wish to download and refer to the official APM guidance which can be found here.

Our ChPP mentors will assess your responses and will then typically reply with their recommendation within 48 hours.

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Disclaimer.  Please carefully note that this assessment and the recommendations provided as a result of the responses you give do not in anyway predict or guarantee the outcome of the Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) application process.  Changescope Ltd accepts no liability for any costs incurred nor for any professional claims, damages or losses in relation to your application for Chartered Project Professional (ChPP).

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