The Association For Project Management (APM) Is The UK Chartered Body For Project Delivery.

Their dedication to developing the ‘gold’ standard in both training and development and guidance on project delivery resulted in them being recognised by the King’s Privy Council with the award of a Royal Charter.

That is why, at Changescope, we have chosen to align our approach and encourage project professionals in any industry and at all levels to raise their awareness of what the APM has to offer, become qualified with and even become a member of the APM.  These training programmes are accredited by the APM, in turn recognising Changescope for our own commitment to quality, consistency and high standards.

Take the next steps on your development path with one of the following APM Certifications.  Choose the right course for your learning needs (or contact us for advice) and select the most suitable learning approach from classroom, on-line and blended programmes.

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

Learn the basics of project management from a standing start.

This qualification requires no prior knowledge of project delivery and can be helpful as you start your first project delivery role or if you are thinking about changing your career direction.  Learn what project management is all about including the principles, the jargon and the best practices and gain a recognised industry qualification that could set you apart from your colleagues or other applicants.

APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

Already a project professional then why not get the recognition you deserve.

Validate your existing experience and reinforce your existing knowledge and experience while adding a recognised industry qualification to your CV.  Learn about the latest industry approaches, extend your breadth of knowledge to cover the entire Body of Knowledge.  You will benefit from some existing knowledge and experience but you will gain a thorough understanding of this critical profession.

Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)

Apply for a highly prized Chartership Accreditation

Perhaps you are already ready to apply for a personal Chartership, recognising your high standards of achievement in project delivery and your broad technical knowledge.  Changescope provides a comprehensive development programme to support you through the intensive application process.  Learn more about how this we can help you to secure this prestigious industry accreditation

* “95% of people believe that taking an APM qualification will add value to their career.”

APM Qualifications Feedback Survey 2023

Learning Options


Available in either virtual or face-to-face formats, Changescope provides traditional classroom learning options allowing you to block out and dedicate the time to learn away from the distractions and day to day interruptions that work provides.

On-Line Learning

A fully hosted interactive learning option providing the opportunity to learn at your own pace, in your own choice of location and structured into blocks of time that support your own learning style.  With freedom to repeat as often as you need.


For more flexibility why not combine the two options.  Gain the knowledge and understanding at your own pace through our on-line learning and, when you’re ready, join a scheduled workshop to learn how to approach the exam including our recommended exam technique and planning strategies.

Join The APM Community

At Changescope we encourage all of our learners to consider joining the UK Chartered Body as either a Student, Associate, Full Member of Fellow of the APM.

By joining a community of like-minded project delivery professionals you can share in the insights, resources and professional development opportunities that the APM has to offer.

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