How Do You Get To Know Yourself Even Better?

At Changescope we recognise that team performance is the (not so) secret ingredient to successful change delivery or for that matter healthy business operations. That’s why we enjoy helping teams like yours to develop levels of engagement that most teams don’t seem to reach.

In partnership with the Colourworks, Changescope uses the Insights® Discovery model to help you understand the makeup, strengths, blind spots and ultimately the current dynamics of your existing team.

Using this approach we can see things that aren’t always obvious and which can be either a missed opportunity or a lasting frustration. This includes developing uncovering hidden strengths and potential, powerful collaborations while also healing the ongoing pains that get in the way of great performance.

An Engaging Team Development Experience

Bringing your team together for a team building experience like this can uncover opportunities that you didn’t know existed. Within your team you will have completely different approaches to doing business. Working together, they will be phenomenal, unfortunately as human beings we generally see the negative in different behaviours.

At Changescope we will, explain the science behind the Insights® model and how this manifests itself in individual behaviours and groups dynamics. By understanding yourself and your colleagues better you will make the leap to high performance uncovering potential performance improvements that you didn’t know were possible.

Our Workshops Will Provide:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the Insights® model helping you to understand your own preferences and giving you plenty of potential for personal development.
  • An understanding of both your colleagues and your stakeholders preferences too – what support do they need from you?
  • An insight into team dynamics

All of this will become food for thought for months and years to come and will pay back your investment over time as you grow and develop your team capability and effectiveness.

Gaining Your Colourful Insight:

Our programmes are delivered both face to face and virtually. Typically as short focused workshops and often as a component part of a wider team building event to support a specific challenge.

Why not contact us to learn more about the companies we have supported and how we can adapt our learning to your particular needs. Alternately, why not join a public event to learn more about this process before rolling out to your wider team.

“Leadership effectiveness is determined by one’s EQ (emotional intelligence), and a high degree of EQ is needed in order to be an effective leader. When it comes to effective leadership, EQ surpasses IQ. EQ is a set of skills that can be acquired and improved over time.”

Psychology Today 2023

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