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Welcome to changescope, a specialist in the leadership of change delivery through people.  Changescope believes that people are the critical success factor in delivering transformational change and so we focus on developing inspirational project leaders and high performing project teams. Changescope will help you both to forensically understand the challenges that you face and to develop a successful strategy for change delivery through:

Individual, Team and Project Diagnostics.
Inspirational Team Building Events.
Personal Coaching, Development & Accreditation.

The changescope way

At changescope we believe that people and their performance is the critical factor in delivering change projects successfully.  They should be recognised, valued, nurtured and supported as they deliver all-consuming transformations to your business.  By helping you to pinpoint the fundamental challenges within your project teams we equip you with the insight to raise performance levels significantly.

Our corporate values are:


We value full engagement in all that we do.


We bring a distinctive approach to our work.

Exceeding Expectations

We provide services that delight.

Owning the Outcome

There can be no excuse for a poor performance.


We deliver highly effective yet uncomplicated solutions.


We truly enjoy what we do.

How changescope can help you

Changescope delivers high impact interventions that will help you to fully understand the challenges you face and equip you to overcome them with confidence. We do this from four primary perspectives – Individual Performance; Collaborative Working; Understanding Complexity; and Delivery Strategy.

TMI Diagnostics – Uncover Your Delivery Challenges

At changescope we understand that the barriers to change delivery are rarely diagnosed and understood. The TMI diagnostic tool will help you to collaboratively identify and address the key obstacles you face from four key perspectives: Are we personally competent enough to deliver this? Is this too complex for our existing level of maturity? Are we completely invested in this change? And; Do we have robust enough processes to manage and control this undertaking?

Chartered Project Professional – Recognise Your Professional Capability

We believe that in today’s fast-paced world of change, a recognised community of project delivery professionals is a valuable asset. As a Chartered Project Professional you will personally be recognised for your ability to deliver complex change projects. Your organisation will be recognised for its commitment to professionalism in this function. Our Fast Track development programmes will help you to prepare a detailed portfolio of evidence and to prepare for your professional interview.

Project Leadership Programmes – Lead Your Projects to Success

Project Leadership has become a hot topic in change over the last few years and is a growing focus for many organisations. At changescope, we believe that teams who are empowered to work autonomously by an inspiring leader will deliver exceptional results. Our Project Leadership programmes range from short interventions for Sponsors and Stakeholders to extended coaching programmes for the leaders of complex change initiatives.

Team Insights – Understand Your Personal Impact & Your Project Team’s Dynamic

At changescope we believe that a balance of skills, abilities, attitudes and behavioural preferences is the recipe for successful change. This team event will help you to understand your team strengths and potential blind spots. Using the Insights Discovery model, we will help you to understand your team dynamic from a completely different perspective and generate insights that will prove invaluable when building stakeholder relationships and team charters.

Scrum Wars – Play the Game, Learn What Agile is Really All About

We believe that an ‘agile’ approach to delivery is essential in this fast moving and complex world of project delivery. This team simulation workshop will help you to develop the mindset and behaviours needed to deliver change in a truly agile way.
In just a few hours, we will challenge optimism bias, unreasonable expectations and create huge insight into agile techniques and team performance.

The Psychology of Change – Bring Everyone Along With You

People love change except, unfortunately, when you are delivering it to them when, in fact, people fiercely resist being changed. At changescope we believe that putting people at the heart of change delivery is the key to success. This programme will provide insight into how and why people will react to the process of change and what you can proactively do to prepare for this.

Changescope insights

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” So sang John Lennon and there is a particular relevance to the world of projects and their management. In our world, projects can be ‘what happens’ to us while we’re busy making plans. So how could we avoid this by using a Project Leadership approach to build high performing project teams in 2020?

The changescope team

Collectively, Changescope has almost 200 years of experience in delivering complex, transformational change together with an extensive network of experienced change professionals. In short, there are few, if any, problems that we haven’t already encountered and addressed across multiple industry sectors throughout the world.

Our approach is to help you diagnose the key delivery challenges as swiftly as we can and then help you create a change strategy that will deliver successfully. With ever increasing complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity this is critical to inspire confidence among your stakeholders and to energise your change teams.

Principal Consultant


David is a programme delivery specialist with extensive experience in leading complex, large-scale change. David possesses both strategic vision and a pragmatic ability to help organisations successfully deliver their investment in transformation using his extensive networks and experience.

One of the first Chartered Project Professionals, David is also an accredited Scaled Agile Program Consultant.

Principal Consultant


Una has a wealth of experience in change management and learning & development in projects involving culture, process and technology change, delivering multi-million pound savings.

Una specialises in developing the mindset, confidence, resilience and capability for those working in project, leadership and management roles across organisations and sectors. She brings the latest thinking and insights into what makes people perform well and translates this into pragmatic, practical solutions.

Principal Consultant


Paul is recognised in the UK as a content expert in Portfolio, Programme and Project Management as well as Portfolio level Integrated Assurance. He has worked both in the Public and Private Sectors delivering major transformation and complex business change projects. He has an enthusiastic and engaging approach and strong stakeholder management skills.

Principal Consultant


A highly experienced and motivated Programme/Portfolio Manager with a successful track record of managing complex projects and programmes in demanding stakeholder environments across a range of government departments. Geoff has significant expertise in designing, planning and leading major business transformation and IT programmes, with budgets typically exceeding £100m and matrix teams of 500+ staff.

Principal Consultant


Eddie has a broad experience of delivering complex change programmes in both the public and private sectors. Initially leading projects for the UK Ministry of Defence, Eddie has worked internationally across multiple industry sectors, most recently focusing on coaching and consulting to develop corporate programme delivery capability. Eddie is a Chartered Fellow of the APM, an APM Chartered Assessor and is recognised for his passion in developing high performance in complex project delivery.

Principal Consultant


James is a programme and project management specialist with a strong track record for delivery. He has undertaken several high profile PPM roles, the most significant being as the programme manager for Forensics21 a major Home Office initiative to create a modern, ‘fit for purpose’ forensics service. He is competent using a range of PPM methods, including APM, MSP, PRINCE2®, MoR, Agile, ITIL and PMI.

James enjoys all project assignments, particularly delivering high impact interventions as a reviewer, advisor, mentor or coach. He is currently completing a change management related professional doctorate.

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