How Changescope Can Help You

Changescope delivers high impact interventions that will help you to fully understand the challenges you face and equip you to overcome them with confidence. We do this from four primary perspectives – Individual Performance; Collaborative Working; Understanding Complexity; and Delivery Strategy.

APM Chartered Project Professional
The New Benchmark in Project Delivery Competence

At Changescope, we know that in today’s fast-paced world of change, having a recognised community of project delivery professionals is a valuable asset. As a Chartered Project Professional you will personally be recognised for your ability to deliver complex change projects and your organisation will be recognised for its commitment to professionalism in this function. Our Fast Track development programmes will support you to prepare a detailed portfolio of evidence and to prepare for your professional interview.

APM Accredited Training
Independent Recognition For Your Professional Capability

At changescope we have learned that the engine driving a successful change delivery is a mature, competent and skilled project team. That is why we have aligned our learning programmes to APM accreditations. These accredited learning programmes lead to respected qualifications and can be studied in the classroom, on-line or using a combination of both. Attaining an APM qualification in Project Management will demonstrate your investment in your team (or yourself) and is a step towards your personal chartership.

Team & Personal Insights
Understand Your Personal Impact & Your Team’s Dynamic

At changescope we believe that the skills, knowledge and abilities of project delivery must be balanced with appropriate behaviours and attitudes. Understanding your behavioural preferences is the secret ingredient of any recipe for successful change. Using the Insights® Discovery model, we will help you to understand your team dynamic from a completely different perspective and the insights generated will prove invaluable when building team dynamics, stakeholder relationships and a powerful team dynamic.

Project Leadership Programmes
Lead Your Projects
to Success

Project Leadership has become a hot topic in change over the last few years and is a growing focus for many organisations. At changescope, we know that teams who are empowered to work autonomously by an inspiring leader will deliver exceptional results. Our Project Leadership programmes range from short interventions for Sponsors and Stakeholders to extended coaching programmes for the leaders of complex change initiatives.

Scrum Wars – The ‘Agile’ Game
Understand What Agility is Really All About

We believe that an ‘agile’ approach to delivery is essential in this fast moving and complex world of change. This team workshop will simulate a real project delivery and help you to develop the mindset and behaviours needed to deliver change in a truly adaptive way. In just a few hours, we will challenge optimism bias, unreasonable expectations and create insights into the dynamics that are impacting your team performance.

The Psychology of Change
Bring Everyone Along
With You

People love change except, unfortunately, when you are delivering it to them when, in fact, people fiercely resist being changed. At changescope we recognise that putting people at the centre of change delivery is a key to success. This programme will provide insight into how and why people will react to the process of change, how you can build influence and trust and how you can proactively engage your teams and stakeholders.

Changescope Insights…

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

So sang John Lennon and there is a particular relevance to the world of projects and their management. In our world, projects can be ‘what happens’ to us while we’re busy making plans. So how could we avoid this by using a Project Leadership approach to build high performing project teams in the coming year?

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