The APM Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) Sets The Standard For Project Delivery Capability Throughout Industry.

Like many careers including Accountancy, Engineering and Law, it is becoming accepted that project delivery professionals will gain a personal Chartership at some point on their journey to becoming a recognised, competent professional.

Becoming a Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) provides independent validation of your hard work and achievements. This provides a rare opportunity for you to look back over a successful career of achievement and reflect on the contributions you have made and how valuable you are*.

Achieving your Chartership takes time and focus. You will be required to write a summary of the complex projects you have worked on, together with evidence of the competences you have demonstrated. During your interview this evidence will be verified and your broad technical knowledge will be explored together with your awareness of ethical principles and considerations.

Your Route To Chartership

What We Will Provide?

At Changescope, we will support you through this process from initial assessment, through drafting a compelling application, to anticipating the questions you may be asked at interview.

This programme is designed to be completed within three to four months (which can be extended up to one year) and will provide everything you need to prepare your application.

Our support to you will include:

  • An optional suitability assessment to determine your level of readiness;
  • A framework for writing compelling evidence;
  • Hints, tips and guidance on how to structure your content for maximum impact;
  • One-to-one mentoring and peer group support;
  • A full assessment of your draft application prior to submission;
  • In addition, you will benefit from guidance on interview planning and preparation.

Our tried and trusted approach provides step-by-step guidance to help you present your evidence in a clear and consistent way helping you to make the assessment process a foregone conclusion.

Preparing For Chartered Project Professional (ChPP)

Our public programmes are delivered virtually over typically a 4 month period and lead you step-by-step through the preparation of your application with support from your ChPP Mentor.

Alternatively, why not enquire about our closed programme with tailored schedules for groups of five or more applicants.

15th Jul 24 to 14th Nov 24
4th Sep 24 to 16th Jan 25
7th Nov 24 to 21st Mar 25

ChPP Essentials Collection

* “58% of Chartered Project Professional earn over £70,000. With industry recognition, enhanced expertise, and proven skills, professionals may command higher salaries and rewarding career opportunities.” 

APM Salary and Market Trends Survey 2023

Not Quite Ready For ChPP Yet?

Then maybe your next step should be to develop your knowledge of the principles of project delivery.  Learn more about the options available to achieve this and work towards your personal Chartership.

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