Writing Your ChPP Project Experience Overviews

Your ChPP application will be based around your track record of competence which is demonstrated by referring to specific projects that you have been involved in delivering.

You can include up to four project overviews in your application.  Four is not essential and sometimes less is more.  If one project is sufficient to demonstrate all of your competences then one project is all that you need.

One project can be used as evidence for one, some or all of your competences.  Don’t include a project if it isn’t referred to by at least one competence and make sure that your best evidence for each competence is taken from the ‘right’ project.

Each project must be ‘complex’ and this is assessed against four characteristics.  Your project overview must clearly demonstrate that each project has:

  • Conflicting scope objectives
  • A high degree of risk or unpredictability
  • Multiple work packages, projects or programmes
  • Multiple interdependent stakeholders

You must also clearly explain your role in relation to each project and this will be assessed too.

Each competence will be assessed and scored by the APM against the chartered standard.  Each project will be assessed against the assessment criteria.  If your project does not satisfy the entire criteria then each competence that refers to it will score zero.  A single score of zero is a fail!

You have 500 words available to you for each project.  Make sure that you use them ALL to your best advantage.  Structure your overview to address the requirements and characteristics and divide the word count proportionally between the elements that will be assessed.  Be consistent in your terminology – project, programme or portfolio and take credit for the great work that you did.

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We have helped many people through this process before.  Why not contact us to learn more about how to plan, structure, draft and submit your ChPP application. enquiries@changescope.com

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