Writing Your ChPP Competence Statements

Your ChPP application will be scored on the evidence of personal competence demonstrated through your contribution when delivering one of your complex projects in a project management or a related role.

You will submit twelve individual competence statements each of which must refer specifically AND ONLY to one of the projects that you have included in your application.  Evidence cannot come from anywhere else and each competence must clearly refer to the chosen project.  If your project is not clearly referenced then the competence in question will receive a score of zero.

You will be required to submit seven mandatory competences of which five have an optional choice of a or b.  In addition, you will be required to submit a choice of five from sixteen elective competences based on your specific skills and experience.  Choose wisely and where you have a choice pick the options where your confidence is high and your evidence is strong and in addition your theoretical knowledge is broad.  You could be asked wider technical questions at the stage two interview.

To achieve the standard it is expected that each competence statement will demonstrate clear evidence of four of the professional practice criteria outlined in the Chartered standard.  If the statement is assessed to demonstrate four criteria then you will receive 2 marks from the assessor.

Clear evidence of only two or three criteria will receive 1 mark from the assessor.  Clear evidence of fewer than two criteria will result in no marks being awarded by the assessor and this will result in an overall fail.

In order to be invited to interview your overall provisional score must be at least 20 out of a possible 24 marks and this is providing each competence scores at least one mark.

Each competence will be assessed and scored by the APM against the chartered standard.  Each project will be assessed against the assessment criteria.  If your project does not satisfy the entire criteria then each competence that refers to it will score zero.  A single score of zero is a fail!

You have 250 words available to you for each competence statement.  Make sure that you use them ALL to your best advantage.

  • Select the competence indicators that you feel will present your best evidence. Use your best examples of evidence at all times.
  • Be specific and clear about which project you are writing about.
  • Divide the word count proportionally between the indicators that you have chosen giving each one a sufficient explanation. One sentence is unlikely to be enough.
  • Use simple, accessible and non-technical language – make it easy to understand. Use APM terminology if you feel that your business terms may not be widely understood.
  • Address the entirety of the competence indicator and use specific examples wherever you can.
  • Use the word “I” and not “We”, “Our” or “Us”.
  • Be clear on your contribution and take personal credit for the great work that you did.

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We have helped many people through this process before.  Why not contact us to learn more about how to plan, structure, draft and submit your ChPP application. enquiries@changescope.com

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