Programme Leadership Academy Accredited by APM

We are delighted to announce that our Programme Leadership Academy has been recognised and accredited by the UK Association for Project Management (APM).

After recently being accredited by the APM as a Training Provider (ATP) our flagship programme, which has been designed to help already experienced programme and project managers to develop their leadership capabilities, is now recognised by the largest project management association in Europe.

A few years ago we realised that learning in project management seemed to end with a practitioner certificate when in fact many of the recipients were not yet practitioners. In the meantime, while working with the leaders of multi-million pound programmes and projects, it had become very clear that a PRINCE2® certificate wasn’t quite enough to inspire the confidence of Programme Sponsors in either the public or the private sector.

Reflecting on this we concluded that while in the early days of working in project management, a knowledge of process is important, over time we all come to realise that people make all of the difference. If you can engage well with the people you have to work with whether they are more senior, along-side you or within your teams then you can achieve so much more.

The Programme Leadership Academy is a dramatically different learning experience for project and programme managers. It combines competency assessment and personal insight, personal one-to-one coaching, group action learning, short focused workshops and peer networking & accountability.

Set always in a programme and project context and specifically tailored to your own organisation, subjects covered include:

  • Personal Resilience techniques to help you to move forward when the going gets tough.
  • Self-Awareness – understanding the impact you have on your relationships and overall performance.
  • Leading High Performing Teams to inspire confidence when delivering success.
  • Leading in a commercial environment to engage with, negotiate and manage commercial supplier relationships.
  • Stakeholder Engagement – aligning your champions to a common purpose and avoiding the potential for distraction.
  • Change Management – to ensure that your customer comes with you on the journey and is accelerated across the chasm that change can create.
  • Strategic Thinking – raising your perspective from pure product delivery to identify the external challenges that we have yet to face.

This leads in turn to a professional capability which is well connected, recognised as a core capability both internally and externally and inspires confidence for your individuals, your employees and your clients.

In addition, this programme is a stepping stone for those people preparing to become a Registered Project Professional (RPP) which is arguably the highest accolade in project management today.

Eddie Kilkelly

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